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We establish Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and post payment in system manually for payers to forward payments directly to the client’s account when applicable.

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Our Billing Process

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We work with the client in building a charge capture system. This can be done
electronically (i.e. PDA / EDI), with paper super bills, hospital charge slips, or
client entry.

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Billing Team

Billing and Coding team will review all ICD and CPT codes and provide a fee
analysis annually at no additional charge. Bills and demographic data can be sent to us electronically or by fax.

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Once we receive the bills, we establish a batching system, and post services
within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.Extensive claim scrubbing is performed to all the claims sent to us that is
consistent with the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI).

Filling Claims

Claims are filed immediately electronically or through hard copy when required.Once primary payment is received we immediately bill secondary insurance, and bill patient responsibility as needed. Each client has the option to customize their billing cycles, statement messages, and pre-collect letters.

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We establish Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for payers to forward payments
directly to the client’s account when applicable.
Comprehensive Month End Reports are available online or hard copy, and are
provided to the client the first week of each month.

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Constant Updates

Our Marketing Executive will meet with our clients on a regular basis to discuss
financial trends as they relate to industry standards, improve upon policies and procedures, and educate our clients on current payer trends. Comprehensive Month End Reports are available online or hard copy, and are provided to the client the first week of each month.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Credentialing in Medical Billing: Credentialing, also known as medical provider credentialing, is the process of obtaining and authenticating (verifying) a doctor's credentials. By requiring doctors to hold the appropriate licenses, we can be sure that they are equipped to give patients the care they need. Credentialing, also known as medical credentialing in medical billing, is a procedure that healthcare facilities and health insurance providers use to validate an individual's credentials, experience, and history. Before being allowed to practice on-site, all clinicians desiring clinical privileges must successfully complete the credentialing process. Obtaining provider credentials used to be a laborious, paper-based process that may take more than three months to complete. It has a considerable impact on a person's ability to obtain medical care.

Penalties: What occurs if you don't pay your medical costs because you're late? What can you do, then? Before seeking medical attention, spend some time reviewing the materials. By using this information, you can more easily understand the restrictions and circumstances that apply if you are unable to pay your medical bills within the allowed term. You run the risk of incurring additional late fees or interest if you wait to complete your payment. If you are susceptible to late fees or interest, it will depend on your state's laws. This will also determine if it is permissible for your doctor to charge you additional expenses. Effects on your credit score: Regardless of your financial situation, you shouldn't ignore your medical expenses. You might have to deal with a debt-collection agency if you don't pay your medical expenses on time. You also don't want to allow a few past-due medical expenses ruin your credit. Legal action: What could possibly go wrong, excluding late fines and credit score destruction? If you don't get a debt collection agency involved, a healthcare provider might sue you. If your healthcare provider sues you for unpaid medical bills, what should you expect? If the matter over your unpaid medical bills goes to court, you can be required to settle your medical debt less conventionally. You might, for instance, have money deducted from your paycheck to pay off debt.

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