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If you are a patient seeking about our quality billing, At Icon Billon, our mission is to allow physicians to focus on patient care, not finances. Our main objective is to provide you with support for your billing so you can do just that. A better billing cycle starts with our team of experts who can give you real-life solutions.

Icon Billing is committed to providing the highest standard in medical billing, accounts receivable management, HIPAA compliance, and outstanding customer support. We aim to obtain the highest reimbursements allowable while maintaining integrity, compliance, and ethics. Our clients include and are not restricted to the following:

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About Our Worldwide Clients

We are proud to announce that we have reached over 50 clients in the past year. Who are more than satisfied from our level of services. Do check out our clients.

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About Icon Billing Helped Patients

We have helped over 640 patients with their billing querries. With IconBilling you don’t have to worry about your finances. Simply leave your doctors and billings to us.

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Local Partners

As we are expanding. we are joining hands with local partners who play a key role in expanding our reach. We are proud to announce our partner. And looking forward to join hands with you as well. So why wait? Contact us Now!

About Icon Billing

About Icon Billing

Icon Billing provides complete Revenue Cycle Management for Internal Meds, Multiple Specialists and Ambulatory Surgical Centers in a well manner. We add value with our Appointment scheduling, Referrals, Authorization, Benefits verification, Credentialing and incoming patient call answering services as well with your basic Medical Billing needs but inclusive to your regular billing cost.
We are determined to provide professional and institutional medical billing service dedicated to meet all your needs by offering a variety of highly skilled services. Our services are specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of individual and group practices. We carefully balance our client base in order to ensure that each client (and their billing) will have dedicated and undivided attention!

Currently we aim to provide Medical Billing and Practice Management Services but not limited to:

Currently we aim to provide Medical Billing and Practice Management Services but not limited to:

● Credentialing and recredentialing
● Appointment scheduling and rescheduling
● Benefits and Eligibility Verified
● Best EMR & EHR System
● Claim Submission
● Account receivable
● Appeals and Denial management
● Payment Posting
● Medical Coding


We have been helping independent medical practitioners in varied specialties

Our client base includes medical practices like:

● Oncology
● Pediatrics
● Dermatology
● Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

● Internal Medicine
● Allergy & Asthma
● Neurology
● Cardiology
● Nephrology
● Urology
● Pain Management
● Gastroenterology, and many more.

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